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KYUBU: Unique cube in the LED universe A light for life - compact, powerful and versatile Durable, versatile, future-proof and totally innovative: This is KYUBU, the LED luminaire for technology enthusiasts and design fans. KYUBU is a light, as it has not existed in this form. On the basis of a "cube" with about ten centimeters edge length, KYUBU can be used in different environments and combinations - both inside and out. In addition, the compact and powerful LED luminaire is also versatile as a chameleon: KYUBU can be used as a drop-light as well as a spot, the LEDs can be white or RGB-coloured, and in terms of outer appearances of KYUBU there are practically no limits of fantasy. KYUBU stands out even in the basic version with a design which combines functionality and simplicity with timeless modern effect of the materials used. In conjunction with the technical longevity and expandability KYUBU is the "Light on Life". And if you want, you can remotely control the use of KYUBU via the appropriate app with your smartphone. KYUBU: The idea Modern LEDs have a lifespan that - depending on the quality - can easily reach a 50,000 hours (compared to the lifetime of a light bulb is an average of 1,000 , energy saving lamps reach up to 10,000 hours). 50,000 hours correspond to a continuous operation of 5.7 years, and if the LED is only "half day" used, the possible use of time is already rising to more than eleven years, and it will be decades in just a few hours of operation per day. While an LED can be operated reliably for decades without compromising on performance, therefore, their environment is subject to constant change: In five years, the apartment gets a new - and other - accent in style and color, in ten years' follow new furniture, and in 20 years LEDs only be operated via transformers, which will far surpass the energy efficiency of current models. There is always a cause for replacement of existing lighting to more "modern" or "more appropriate" technology. Related to this is usually also the disposal of the existing lights, what is not exactly equivalent to the environmental benefits of LED (durability, low power consumption, no toxic substances). KYUBU conforms to sustainability Unlike with KYUBU: As durable as the LED itself, as durable is also the LED luminaire. Not even changes in the conditions of the LED technology provide a reason for exchanging KYUBU as basic luminaire. With a modular design KYUBU adapts all conceivable changes in every respect - making it literally a light for life. On top of that, LED lights are - in the private as well as in the commercial sector - in demand to meet specified performance requirements as closely as possible. But the market does not provide for any requirement a suitable solution. If you want to expand a 100-watt LED spotlight to 150 or 250 watts, you are so far been forced to create a new lamp. However, with the KYUBU system an existing lamp can be easily added by new elements, so that the light output can be increased quickly by using relatively little space. That implies on the manufacturer or provider side lower production and storage costs for different lighting models, which in turn improves the efficiency of the product and thus also its attractive prices for consumers. KYUBU: The design To be considered as "durable", a lamp needs to fulfill several requirements: First-class workmanship and high-quality materials are the base. In addition, the lamp must be so compact and yet powerful that it can be used at any location. It must withstand repeated installations and removals harmless, the (construction) must be able to be adapted to technical progress and finally fit at any time and any place perfect to your environment. KYUBU meets all these requirements. With KYUBU all the advantages of LED technology are implemented consistently and sustainably. To make all this possible, the components of KYUBU are not soldered, welded or glued but rather hold together by screws or plug connections. If the technical progress in five or 15 years brings new controls or even more efficient power supplies for LEDs , these elements may (even by the user) are brought up to date thanks to the modular design of KYUBU easily, without the lamp must be replaced in its entirety. This saves the cost of a new purchase and additionally protects the raw material resources. At the same time you must never waive a spirit of the times and lifestyle-appropriate design: KYUBU looks like KYUBU shall look like. Unlimited number of ways Colorful cover or monochrome, cover made of wood or metal, glossy or matt, printed or painted: Anything is possible, and the creative imagination regarding the "disguise" of KYUBU has virtually no limits. You might want to build your very own lights cover, or choose from a continuously growing range of diverse cases. For the home, for the garden, for the office, for the workshop, the hotel, the restaurant, the fitness facility or for facilities for the sick and elderly: KYUBU fits always and everywhere, and although KYUBU may look different because of the unlimited design possibilities - in any case it is always as individual as the user desires. Meanwhile, the technical basis always remains the same. Because the concept of KYUBU is thought to the end. KYUBU: The technique So that KYUBU meets all requirements and can be offered at the same time at an attractive price-performance ratio, LEDAROS has developed a particular production concept for the LED lamp. A major challenge was to realize a box with IP65 protection by using screw and plug connections. KYUBU is "in harmful quantity" dust resistant, fully protected against touch and against "water jets from any angle." In plain English: KYUBU can easily be used for all current applications for indoor and outdoor use and in damp spaces such as bathrooms. In order to guarantee the full performance despite the compact design of KYUBU, the height of the space used by the power supply is specially designed to only ten millimeters and well below the dimensions of the market-based LED power supplies. Smart Control The control of KYUBU can also be done via smartphone app - and thanks to open source software, the associated program can be customized freely and changed or extended at any time if necessary. Equipped with these options, each KYUBU users can themselves become the imaginative lighting designer. KYUBU uses for data transmission Zigbee ZLL, the latest global standard for wireless LED control. This means that everytime and from anywhere, the program of KYUBU individual elements or combinations in the home far away - or wherever - can be changed. In the basic version KYUBU, the light for life, will be delivered in black and white and with 25 or 50 watts of power (upgradeable). KYUBU is expected to be purchased in autumn 2014.




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